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    Types of Approval

    In Brisbane there are different types of approvals needed for different types of projects.

    This map shows the three types of approvals for building a New House, as described below.

    The colour of each dot on the map shows the type of approval according to Brisbane City Council's City Plan 2014.

    Register above to find out the types of approval for over 20 other types of projects including extensions, raising a house or buildng a pool.

    Accepted development, subject to requirements

    If your project is accepted development, subject to requirements, you do not need anything in writing from Council to commence the activity, provided you carry out a self-assessment to make sure you comply with the relevant code.

    Code Assessable Development

    A code assessable development application is assessed against all the applicable codes identified in Brisbane City Plan 2014 (City Plan) as assessment benchmarks. It can be assessed relatively quickly and does not require public notification.

    Impact Assessable Development

    When undertaking development identified as requiring impact assessment under City Plan, you will need to submit a development application to Council and have it approved before starting any activity or work.

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